Inside Procurement: Role of CoE in the procurement function


In this episode of Inside Procurement, we talk about Centres of Excellence (CoEs) - their role, types of issues they face and how they can work towards ensuring they play a strategic role to facilitate real change across the procurement function. If businesses can get the CoE model right, it could act as an incubator that nurtures, cultivates and develops the broader organisation.

However, the practical reality can be different from the above theory. In this video, we focus on why this happens and how companies can avoid some of the common pitfalls such as:

  1. Lack of leadership commitment towards CoE
  2. Wrong people in the team
  3. Lack of resource
  4. Lack of structure
  5. Insufficient tools and funds
Watch the video for more insights.

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Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah is Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Smart Cube, a global provider of procurement intelligence and analytics, including category excellence, commodity volatility management, supply chain analytics and supplier engagement strategies across sectors including Life Sciences, CPG and Industrials. Omer leads the company's business across The Americas.

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