Inside Procurement: Establishing Procurement's Credibility - Part 2

IP_Establishing procurements credibility_Part2

In our last episode, we started the conversation about establishing and increasing Procurement’s credibility within the organisation, a topic that’s become more and more prominent as the sophistication of the procurement function has grown over the last 10-15 years.

We talked about how and why the issue of Procurement’s credibility has become particularly important today and discussed some of the key contributing factors.

In this part, we continue that conversation with one more practical example of how Intelligence can play a critical role in driving credibility - risk. We then close out the discussion with some parting thoughts on the types of intelligence we should be going after and finally, the telltale signs that will indicate that you’ve achieved a solid measure of credibility with your stakeholders.

Watch the full video to learn this and more on how organisations can determine they have credibility with their stakeholders.

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Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah is Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Smart Cube, a global provider of procurement intelligence and analytics, including category excellence, commodity volatility management, supply chain analytics and supplier engagement strategies across sectors including Life Sciences, CPG and Industrials. Omer leads the company's business across The Americas.

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