Inside Procurement: 10 factors to create a world-class procurement strategy


In the last episode we talked about what constitutes a robust procurement strategy, and how do you ensure that it is aligned to the overall corporate strategy. In this video, we focus on the 10 essential factors that make for a world-class procurement strategy. 

  1. Tailor your strategy to the right level
  2. Focus on priorities
  3. Understand your space
  4. Be evidence based
  5. Communicate at all levels
  6. Focus on establishing trusted relationships
  7. Don't short-change technology
  8. Embed collaboration
  9. Emphasise risk and control
  10. Commit to yourself and your team

Watch the video for more insights on these top 10 elements.

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Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah

Omer Abdullah is Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Smart Cube, a global provider of procurement intelligence and analytics, including category excellence, commodity volatility management, supply chain analytics and supplier engagement strategies across sectors including Life Sciences, CPG and Industrials. Omer leads the company's business across The Americas.

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