Cubisms podcast - 5 key trends on the CPO agenda for 2018




With 2018 in full swing and our rebrand complete we've been busy dusting off our Cubism content channel which took a hiatus in 2017. Cubisms is our forum for looking at the ideas, trends and developments that are influencing the functions and sectors that we work with the most. 

In this first podcast, my colleague Omer Abdullah focuses on key trends and challenges that are impacting procurement today. 

Omer identifies 5 trends that should be on the mind of any progressive CPO and talks about the facts underlying these shifts and why they’re important. But most importantly, presents a call to action so that this podcast can help you bring about a positive change in your business.

The 5 trends are 

  1. Supplier-Enabled Innovation 
  2. Digital procurement and advanced analytics
  3. Talent Gap
  4. Value Creation for the Business
  5. Embedding a “Value Culture” within your procurement team

Its a good listen and I'd highly recommend it. 



Sue Hope

Sue Hope

A procurement and supply chain professional with over 10 years of experience gained across the retail and consulting sectors, Sue is responsible for the development of our procurement business across multiple sectors, in particular, Consumer Goods and Life Sciences. Sue is also an advisor at Rude Health, a company focused on promoting healthy eating trends.

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